In many areas of life, such as laboratory medical examinations, both the accuracy of the measurements and the quality of the examinations play an important role. Participation in proficiency testing and the use of reference materials are important prerequisites for ensuring the quality of the laboratories conducting these tests.

Accreditation fulfills a critical function at this point. It is responsible for identifying the competence of both proficiency test providers and reference material producers, providing an important means of ensuring the quality of laboratories whose testing is also the basis for work in other areas – for example in the field of healthcare, chemical industry, food industry, water quality monitoring and many more.

Reference material producers are a relatively new category of conformity assessment bodies that require relevant experience and contact with the laboratory field. They provide services in testing and calibration laboratories but also in other cases of measurements, eg inspection bodies. Especially in cases where the result of the measurement is particularly important and has implications, the existence of certified reference material for the study of the correctness of the measurement method is essential. ESYD is in the final stage of developing the accreditation scheme according to ISO 17034:2016 which is the relevant accreditation criterion and hopes to provide accreditation to the few but notable producers of reference materials in Greece and in neighboring countries that provide high value-added services for laboratory infrastructure.