National Accreditation Council

The Composition of the Hellenic Accreditation Council

Konstantinos KourtalisChairman
Pericles AgathonosRepresentative of the Hellenic Laboratory Association, Vice Chairman
Avgi OikonomidouRepresentative of the Association of Hellenic Industries, Member

Zacharenia Romaiou

Representative of the Ministry of Development & Investments, Member

Nikolaos Lagaras

Representative of the Ministry of Defence, Member

Vasilios Violakis

Representative of the Ministry of Health, Member

Ioannis Karayannis

Representative of the Hellenic Association of Accredited Certification and Inspection Bodies, Member

Eleftherios Kritikos

Representative of ELOT, Member

Georgios Goumas

Representative of the Ministry of Rural Development & Food, Member
Athanasios KasidasRepresentative of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport, Member

Spyridon Bolkas

Representative of the Association of Greek Chemists, Member

Vasiliki Kalogeropoulou

Representative of  the Technical Chamber of Greece, Member
Georgios PolychronisRepresentative of the Professional – Sientific Association of Technological Education of Engineers, Member
Dimitrios MeimarisRepresentative of the Ministry of Environment & Energy, Member
Representative of the Consumer Unions, Member