The Accreditation Procedure is described in detail in the document Accreditation Procedure (ESYD PA). A summary of the steps followed for granting the accreditation is provided below.

  • Information
    The candidate organization for accreditation is informed with regard to the Criteria, Regulations, Fees and the Accreditation Procedure, from the documents issued by ESYD, by visiting the web site or by addressing ESYD services.
  • Application
    The organization submits a completed written Application to ESYD, accompanied with two copies of the quality manual and the respective procedures and reimburses the Application Fees.
  • Examination of the Application and Assignment of the Assessment Team
    Initial review of the completeness of the submitted documents.
    Examination of ESYD capability for immediate response and in positive case, assignment and acceptance (or not) of the proposed assessment team by the applicant.
  • Pre-assessment at the applicant’s premises (not mandatory)
    Identification of potential major deficiencies and their completion by the organization.
    Finalization of the assessment team and budget of accreditation fees.
  • Assessment at the applicant’s premises
    Payment in advance of part of the accreditation fees.
    Identification of non-conformities, proposal and implementation of corrective actions by the applicant.
  • Witnessed audits / inspections of Certification Bodies, Inspection Bodies/ Verification Bodies or Environmental Verifiers
    Witnessed audits / inspections of the applicant, where necessary.
    Identification of non-conformities, proposal, and implementation of corrective actions by the applicant.
  • Recommendation
    Recommendation of the lead assessor to the respective Accreditation Manager for granting accreditation, which is next recommended to the National Accreditation Council.
  • Approval
    The National Accreditation Council Directors approves the recommendation, and the Board of Directors decides the granting of accreditation certificate to the organization concerned.
    Inform the organization for the offered scope of accreditation.
  • Accreditation Granting
    The organization, provided that it accepts the offered Scope of Accreditation, reimburses the accreditation fees and receives the respective Accreditation Certificate.
  • Surveillance
    An annual surveillance of the accredited organization is carried out. The organization concerned reimburses the respective surveillance fees.
  • Reassessment
    Every four years an overall reassessment of the organization is carried out.

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