Growing awareness of the impact of human activity on the environment and public health has led to the development and use of different methods and technologies to monitor and reduce the effects of pollution. To this end, governments have adopted legislative and political measures to minimize these effects and ensure compliance with environmental measures. The participation of technically competent accredited organizations gives society the confidence that pollution and environmental protection are being managed correctly.

ESYD accredits according to the standard ISO 17021-1 Certification Bodies of Management Systems, which provide certification services in the standard ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems-Requirements and guidance for its use as well as for the European Regulation EMAS 1221/2009 and (EU) 2018/2026.

ESYD also accredits according to the standard ISO 14065 standard the Greenhouse Gas Emission Verifiers (GHG), for Regulations (EU) 2018/2067 for fixed installations and aviation and Regulation (EU) 2015/757 for CO2 emissions in maritime transport.

In addition to the accreditation of certification bodies for environmental management systems according to ISO 14000 and EMAS and verification bodies (for emissions trading schemes), the role of laboratories providing control and measurement services in various environmental indicators and environmental departments is also important. The laboratories that perform tests in wastewater, soil, surface water, atmosphere and emissions of industrial facilities correspond to 30% of the laboratories that are accredited by ESYD. Accreditation of sampling combined with field measurements enables third party recognition and increased confidence in such measurements. The reliability of the measurements and the valid data for the state of the environment support the reliability in the efficiency and in the continuous improvement of the respective environmental management systems. Valid environmental measurement data also support environmental governance processes.

ESYD continuously enriches the register of its assessors, in order to respond to new processes and new technical fields of measurements and sampling in the field of environment.