The food industry is undoubtedly a strategic sector for the Greek economy. As a result, accredited testing and certification services for food and agricultural products are the most useful and powerful tool for this sector to respond to its constant commercial challenges with the greatest assurance.

Food testing is a major activity for at least half of the laboratories accredited by ESYD, that also include official inspection laboratories for which there is a relevant requirement by European legislation to be accredited.

These tests are about the health and safety of the consumer, and protection against fraud. These are tests provided by the European Legislation and ESYD, with the accreditation services supporting the networks of national laboratories for each category of food hazards but also new categories of laboratories, such as phytodiagnostics.

ESYD actively participates in the processes for harmonization of European bodies in food evaluation and was also actively involved in the issuance of the pesticide residue guide and the EA 04/09 guide to organoleptic testing.

ESYD is currently developing accreditation procedures for further counterfeiting and testing related to geographical origin, at the request of laboratories.

The new consideration of sampling as a laboratory activity that can be independently accredited by ISO / IEC 17025 and be evaluated with the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025 as a certification body activity sampled for the purpose of subsequent testing to perform the test according to ISO / IEC 17020, introduces new possibilities for accreditation of food testing as it brings the food laboratory to the field. Accreditation of sampling methods in food has started many years ago and is expected to gain momentum.

Also, for the official control of food, it is worth noting the strong recommendation of the European Legislation, both for the accreditation in a flexible field of the official inspection laboratories (service that ESYD offers since 2010) but also for the accreditation by ISO / IEC 17020 of the competent authorities (EFET, YAAT) that carry out the respective market supervision in food.